Vizonomy Climate Risk Terminal

Assess Flood Risk
with Real-time Data and
Dynamic Mapping

Prepare Mitigation Plans, Create Scenarios, Estimate Exposure.
A Layered Approach to Data Visualization

Search +70 layers, import your local data, analyze economic losses by flood scenarios, develop real-time weather alerts and create dynamic hazard risk assessments for your community. Designed for planning, transportation, emergency response, and sustainability agencies.

Scenario Planning through Dynamic Interfaces

What is the FEMA flood zone for a building? What is the 100YR flood loss for a coastal home? How many miles of roadway is exposed to a sea level rise scenario? Answer these questions via the Vizonomy Climate Risk Terminal.

Federal Compliance and Public Support

Whether it’s supporting a hazard mitigation plan to identify long-term strategies fro risk reduction, increasing public awareness to build infrastructure bond-issue support, or assessing federal compliance against the new flood risk management standards, our platform provides a powerful solution for cities of all sizes.

Analysis: Leverage FEMA Standards for Economic Losses

Rely on more than 700 depth-damage methods for estimating direct economic losses by structure, neighborhood, or city. Perform analyses quickly and intuitively. Designed for planners, emergency managers, transportation specialists and sustainability officers.

Real-time Weather Alerts

Receive trigger alerts based on upcoming weather events for immediate planning and emergency response. Whether for emergency response and disaster risk prevention or supply chain risk management, our notification system allows for immediate responses ahead of any disaster.

Support your Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Need to design your next Five-Year Plan? Incoporate Vizonomy’s Climate Risk Terminal as a digital complement to your Hazard Mitigation Plan. Include assets across transportation, finance, government, commercial, water, communication, education, flood protection and health sectors. Assess vulnerable populations baseed on age, race, family income, and other key attributes. Composit these layers and an economic loss model for internal analysis or public awareness.

Climate Risk Planning 2.0
Import Data

Stream data from government data portals or import your local SHP, CSV, GeoJSON, and KMLs. Our comprehensive library easily allows users to analyze data from FEMA, NOAA, DOT, DHS, DOE, and other agencies; and OpenStreet Map.

Run What-If Scenarios

How many buildings within a given Census Block, Neighborhood, or Municipality are exposed to the 100YR, 500YR, 1-6FT sea level rise scenarios? What comprises the vulnerable population within a custom flood scenario?

Share Insights

Share results via PDF or CSV. Also, use your insights to build public support for needed mitigation measures. See our work with Washington DC’s Department of Energy & the Environment.

Vizonomy Climate Risk Terminal™ with one simple subscription

Vizonomy builds Washington DC’s Flood Risk Portal

Launched in September 2018, Vizonomy worked with the District’s Department of Energy & the Environment to launch a new public flood risk portal, in time for the year’s hurricane season.

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Vizonomy and Resurgence partner for flood resilience

Vizonomy is tasked by the World Bank to build Sri Lanka’s Flood Portal

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